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How to take soil sample for soil testing?


The procedure of soil sampling plays an important role in the process of soil testing. If the soil sample is not taken properly then it may greatly affect the results of the soil test.

The correct procedure of soil sampling is:

  • Use a soil-sampling probe, an auger, a spade or shovel to take the soil sample. Tools must be rust-resistant.

  • Use the soil-sampling tools to take soil samples from 10–15 cm beneath the top layer of soil in the cultivation area. Take small, equal volume of soil from each sub-sampling site to obtain composite size. The samples should not be collected from near the water channels, field paths and heaps of crop straw, stubbles, manure, fertilizers etc.

  • Take more soil-samples from different spots on the farm in a random zig-zag manner.

  • Mix all these soil samples together on a clean cloth or in a clean bucket. Any bucket or cloth that has previously been in contact with fertilisers must not be used.

  • Now dry the soil sample in shade (away from sunlight) before sending it to the laboratory for testing.

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