Pusa Bio Decomposer is an innovative solution developed by scientists at ICAR - IARI Pusa and manufactured by Harvesto to solve the problem of stubble burning and pollution in India.

It can turn crop residue into organic manure in just 15-20 days.


  • Easy to use.

  • Turns crop residue into organic manure in just 15-20 days.

  • Environmental friendly.

  • Helps in maintaining soil health.

  • Replenishes organic content in the soil.

  • Can be sprayed easily.

  • Effective and proven results.

  • Helps in reducing pollution by solving stubble burning problem.

Who all can use it​?

  • Farmers can use it to decompose their crop residue instead of burning it.

  • Government departments can spray it in the farmer's field to decompose crop residue.

  • Industries generating food and organic waste can use it to decompose waste faster and to make it organic manure.

  • Can be used in the kitchen garden to decompose organic waste.

  • Can be used in food industry to decompose food waste.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bio Decomposer

Who all can use Bio Decomposer?

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